Hollywood’s Richest Actresses 2012-2013

1. Angelina Jolie
Angelina earns $33 mln. We are looking forward to the new fantasy movie where Jolie will play an evil witch. The movie is called “Maleficent”. For this part Angelina Jolie is going to get $15 mln. Cant’s wait to see it!
2. Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer became famous after The Hunger Games premiere in 2012, she also played in X-Men: First Class that came out in 2011. Lawrence makes $24 mln. The Hunger Games(here’s the official soundtrack: official soundtrack) really opened a lot of prospects for her.
3. Kristen Stewart
As you already know, she woke up famous after The Twilight Saga. She also played in Adventureland and the lesser known Speak. Kristen makes about $22 mln. Which is $12.5 mln. less than the last year.
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Christopher Nolan – Dream Master

It seems that nowadays there are the movies devoted to all possible topics and made in all existing genres, so we should have no problem in finding something to watch in the evening. However, it is still difficult to find something really worth watching as there are not so many masterpieces of cinematic art. One of the world known film directors whose works present something unique is Christopher Nolan, the creator of such impressive films as “Inception”, “The Prestige” and “The Dark Knight Rises”.

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Kevin Van Aelst.

Kevin Van Aelst is a contemporary American photographer who transforms usual things into interesting objects. He manages to see in ordinary stuff something unusual. For his works Aelst usually uses things of daily life. In fact he is attracted to the things you would never pay attention to. His impressive portfolio is an evidence of his obsession with mundane uninteresting things. Aelst is very curious person. He manages to rearrange and reconstruct common materials into extremely unpredictable artifacts. In his artistic statement Aelst shares own vision of his approach to work, “My artwork is an attempt to reconcile my physical surroundings with the fears, fascinations, curiosities, and daydreams occupying my mind […] The images aim to examine the distance between where my mind wanders to and the material objects that inspire those fixations”.

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