Christopher Nolan – Dream Master

It seems that nowadays there are the movies devoted to all possible topics and made in all existing genres, so we should have no problem in finding something to watch in the evening. However, it is still difficult to find something really worth watching as there are not so many masterpieces of cinematic art. One of the world known film directors whose works present something unique is Christopher Nolan, the creator of such impressive films as “Inception”, “The Prestige” and “The Dark Knight Rises”.

The films of this talented director and screenwriter present works of art with its own unique style. The characteristic feature of his movies is entangled plot and the intrigue which is revealed only in the end of the story. What I like most about Nolan’s creations is that his movies do not usually have a concrete ending and you have an opportunity to make up the ending yourself which, in my opinion, widens the limits of movie-making art.

Nolan, like many other talented artists, likes to involve in this project one and 5the same cast. His recent muse, as it seems, is a French actress Marion Cotillard as she has starred in very charismatic roles in “Inception” and “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Nolan plays with the world of human illusions and dwells upon the limits of human possibilities in his works. The theme of illusion and fakeness of what we see is obvious in “The Prestige” which tells about the opposition between two famous illusionists.

However, my favorite work of Nolan is “Inception” which reveals the nature and the hidden power of dreams. The film director was inspired to develop the idea of dream staling by the novels of Borges about crossover dreams and subjectivity of the sense of time in dreams. The movie is amazing but what makes it really unforgettable is its unclear ending which, in best Nolan’s traditions, leaves space for imagination.


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