Hollywood’s Richest Actresses 2012-2013

1. Angelina Jolie
Angelina earns $33 mln. We are looking forward to the new fantasy movie where Jolie will play an evil witch. The movie is called “Maleficent”. For this part Angelina Jolie is going to get $15 mln. Cant’s wait to see it!
2. Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer became famous after The Hunger Games premiere in 2012, she also played in X-Men: First Class that came out in 2011. Lawrence makes $24 mln. The Hunger Games(here’s the official soundtrack: official soundtrack) really opened a lot of prospects for her.
3. Kristen Stewart
As you already know, she woke up famous after The Twilight Saga. She also played in Adventureland and the lesser known Speak. Kristen makes about $22 mln. Which is $12.5 mln. less than the last year.
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