My Top 6 Most Hilarious Comedy Sitcoms Ever


You would hardly find a single person in this world who doesn’t find this series hilarious. Although comedy genre itself isn’t considered to be serious art, ‘Friends’ can be called genius. Every time I watch it I mutually applaud to the directors and screenwriters who managed to create such bright and outstanding characters and make them so different and so perfectly interacting at the same time. I’ve tried to choose my favorite character, but they are too different to pick just one. My friends tell me I act a lot like Phoebe though 😉

2. The IT Crowd

British sense of humor is one of those things that you either love or hate. As for me, I belong to the 1st group. British humor itself is outstanding, and British geeky humor is just out of this world. The idea is simple: two complete computer geeks and their neurotic and bitchy manager Jen work in the IT department in large company. My favorite episodes are probably the one when Jen first meets Richmond, Mr. Denholm’s suicide scene, and the episode when Jen speaks Italian.

3. The Big Bang Theory

Geeks… again 🙂 Apparently, I have some latent passion for geeks. These four are absolutely outstanding, but unlike ‘Friends’, the favorite one is easy to define. Thank you Sheldon Cooper for creating a perfect image of a geek! By the way, this series helped me discover Kaley Cuoco. I’ve watched her in several sitcoms before but she never made me laugh so madly as in ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

4. Ideal

That’s the weirdest trash sitcom I’ve ever seen. It’s so absurd that you never know what happens next, and that’s the best part of it. The action takes place in a shabby apartment where a drug dealer named Moss hosts dozens of his freaky clients and junky friends. If you make it through a terrible accent, you would definitely enjoy watching ‘Ideal’.

5. Extras

That’s another British one about 2 friends shooting in extras for blockbusters and dreaming about getting serious roles someday. Sometimes you feel sorry for Andy who appears to be a complete loser, but that’s what makes it really funny. Plus, Maggie’s actions and sayings is a new level of stupid.

6. The Whitest Kids You Know

This is basically not a sitcom but a series of comedy sketches, but these guys are so hilarious that I just couldn’t skip them. A bunch of guys are horsing around and play several scenes per episode. Their jokes are full of social satire, toilet humor and heartless mockeries, and that’s why they are here on my list 😉

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