Best Performances of Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil presents more than just a kind of circus – it is a special form of art, which hardly any words can describe. Everybody who has seen at least one of their performances fall in love with this masterpiece created of music, power and beauty of human bodies and fascinating plot which unites all parts of the story. If you had not an opportunity to join this dynamic art and wonderful play of artists you can look through the best shows of Cirque du Soleil which, in my opinion, carry the art of acrobatic performance on a new level.

One of my favorite shows is “Dralion”. It was staged for the first time in 1999 and had immense success since that time. The show presents a unique combination of ancient Chinese traditions of acrobatic are which are older than 3000 years, with innovative approach of the artists of Cirque du Soleil. The acts are inspired by the works of Eastern philosophers about the searching for harmony between people and nature. The name of the show is made of “dragon” which symbolizes the East and “Lion” which is viewed as the symbol of the West. In “Dralion” you will see all four elements of nature which support the natural course of events and take shape of human beings. Every element finds its expressive color – blue for Air, Green for Water, Red for Fire and Yellow for Earth. “Dralion” is a mixture of different cultures, of nature and civilization, where every component has its own deep symbolic meaning.

Another comparatively new touring performance of Cirque du Soleil is called “Totem” and was first staged in 2010. This show tells the story of the evolution of humankind – from the first amphibious forms of life to the final desire to fly and touch the sky. The shape of the stage resembles a tortoise – a symbol of the beginning for many ancient civilizations. “Totem” combines the myths and legends about the origin of human beings with scientific approach to this issue. The acts are accompanied by wonderful music which presents a mixture of Spanish, American and Indian melodies. Another interesting feature of this performance is that every artist has his moment of solo singing. “Totem” is a fascinating storey of evolution, people’s dreams and their infinite potential.

One of the most recent shows is called “Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour” and uses the songs of this great artist as the accompaniment to acrobatic acts.


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