Visiting Seattle

Seattle is located in the state of Washington. The population of the city is over 4 million people and the city is supposed to be the largest city of the Pacific Northwest area. For some reason the city is nicknamed the Emerald City. The city got this informal status as the area is hemmed about by evergreen forests. And of course the area has a lot of rain. Just remember about it before you start your travel.

For many people Seattle has become known due to its music. Especially due to its famous grunge bands. The most popular grunge band was Nirvana and its late front man Kurt Cobain.

Visiting the city you may find lots of wonderful parks including Discovery Park, Gasworks Park, Volunteer Park, Magnuson Park and Greenlake Park as well. Staying in the city do not miss an opportunity to visit beautiful Seattle Aquarium.

One of the most popular city attractions is Frye Art Museum. The museum was opened back in the very beginning of the 1950s. Another popular art space of the city is Henry Art Gallery.

Probably the most popular city attraction is Washington State Ferries. Lots of tourists take daily tours to enjoy the beautiful environment of the region. Taking a tour you’ve got a chance to see amazing and magnificent views of waters and mountains nearby Seattle.

If you are interested in history then you are strongly recommended to take the underground tour. Back in the late 1880s Seattle burnt to the ground. So you may get acquainted with the old stories of the old city. It is really worth it.

The Pike Public Market is extremely popular among visitors of the city as well. The market appeared in 1907 and has been serving since as the sample of the regular farmers’ markets. You will find many farmers booths and craftshops, street performances and shows over there.


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