Why Is It Dangerous to Hide Offense?

The mechanism of the hard feeling appearing is familiar to everyone. Each person has certain expectations connected with the other people. Though everyone has his or her unique seeing of the world and that’s why we can’t always meet the expectations of our closest relatives, friends and colleagues. When the other people act not in the way we suppose they should we usually get offended. There are three general ways to cope with the conflict situation.

  • The best way to make the conflict and mutual offense vanish is to talk the whole situation through. Thus each side of the conflict will speak out and express the negative feelings. Explaining the reasons for your actions is the best way to find a compromise.
  • The second variant of the situation is when everyone has expressed himself but no attempts to make it up are made.
  • The worst way to act is to put up with the offense silently.

The last variant is the most frequent case of developing the conflict. If one person carries a burden of his negative emotions that only worsens the things. If the others try to find out what’ wrong it’s better to speak boldly. Offense is one of the way to manipulate people. Imagine a girl ceases talking and doesn’t show any reaction when her mother asks her what’s going wrong. If the girl continues to keep silence her mother starts blaming herself because she may suppose that she has hurt her daughter occasionally.

The person who is experiencing the feeling of being offended is likely to damage his health. The suppressed tears are the cause of breathing problems and high blood pressure. If the emotional tension is not released the human body starts developing physiological disorders. That’s why it’s better not to hide your negative feelings but let them out.

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