What happened to “Friends”?

We all know the legendary show ‘Friends’. The pilot episode came out in 1994 and the show went off air in 2004.

All the six actors keep in touch (Monica Geller – Courteney Cox, Ross Geller – David Schwimmer, Rachel Green – Jennifer Aniston, Phoebe Buffet – Lisa Kudrow, Joey Tribbiani – Matt LeBlank, Chandler Bing – Matthew Perry). According to one of the interviews they talk at least one time a week.

So what happened to them after the show?

Jennifer Aniston – Rachel Green.

Jennifer is the most successful actress from the six of them. She has a lot of offers, she appears in new movies: “Rumor has it” 2005, “Marley and me” 2008, “Wanderlust” 2012, etc. She was married to Brad Pitt from 2000 – 2005.

Courteney Cox – Monica Geller.

After the show was over, Courteney was really depressed. It was hard for her to say “good bye” to Monica. Only the taking care of her daughter helped her to stay positive (Courteney was pregnant with Coco during the last season of the show). She is now married to David Arquette (married since 1999)

Lisa Kudrow – Phoebe Buffet.

The most successful movies with Lisa Kudrow (after 2004) were: “Analyze that” and “P.S. I love you”. She is married to Michel Stern since 1995.

Matt LeBlanc – Joey Tribbiani.

After the show Matt didn’t want to say good bye to his character and doesn’t work as an actor anymore, he created his own producing company. Although he did play in a show named “Joy”. He played Joey Tribbiani, who lived with his nephew (a son of one of his sisters). This show wasn’t a big success.

In 2006 he divorced Melissa McKnight, a model (they were married for 3 years).

Matthew Perry – Chandler Bing.

After the show he got the part in “The whole Ten Yards” 2004, “Numb” 2007, “Birds of America” 2008, “17 again” 2009, and the show “The end of Steve”, 2008.

David Schwimmer – Ross Geller.

He took part in a few movies except “Friends”, he works mostly in a theater. In 2010 he married Zoe Buckman.

I think “Friends” is the greatest show of all times. I sincerely hope someday they will shot a movie that is going to be called “Friends. Reunion” or “Friends. 10 years later”, that would be just amazing.

If you know something more about what “friends” are doing now, you are welcome to write about this in comments!


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